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The first preview of the new album 'Homebound' is out.
See it here!!!

The Webshop is open!
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Upcoming Kayak tour with The Flower Kings has been cancelled due to health issues.
The Flower Kings will continue the tour but with 'I Am The Morning' and 'Rikard Sjöblom' as support.

Kayak will be back in 2020, hopefully with some new material as well. Stay tuned!


Right now Kristoffer is recording new music, due to be released in 2019/2020
More information about the music, the musicians and the release will be announced soon.

In April 2018, Breaking The Chains released the album 'We Are Breaking The Chains". Breaking The Chains is a charity project initiated by Kristoffer Gildenlöw to raise money and awareness for unfortunate children who've been abused.
In total 46 of the best rock musicians of The Netherlands participated on this project and the result is a great rock album that varies from classic rock to glam rock to gothic female fronted rock to metal.
Something for everyone!
Get your copy HERE and support the mission