Let Me Be A Ghost

Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Let Me Be A Ghost

Let Me Be A Ghost pt. I

Let me be the flawed, the weak, unfold
It would set me free, if truth be told
Let me be the crack in the wall
Let me give up and fall

Let me be the one they talk about, but no one really wants to see
Let me dress up and become the one that no one wants to be
Let me show them that nobody ever really does belong
Let me scream out to the world that I no longer can be strong

Let me be a ghost… a ghost
Let me be a ghost and disappear
In time they’ll forget I was ever here
Let me be a ghost to roam and soar
Let me be a ghost once more


The Wind

Wind picks up and I fly away
There’s no reason for me to stay
Letting go of the twig and I’m free

Autumn feels very cold this year
Darkness comes and awakes the fear
Now you’re gone, is this all that it is?

- Silence is here -

For the silence that rules here now
Never seems to let go somehow
And some days it is all that I hear

(The noise of nothingness I hear)
- Lingering void -

The void that came when it went away
Lingered on, now it’s here to stay
Now and then I can find myself there

(I find asylum in your space)
- Numbing away -

Always knew you would have to go
Never knew I would miss you so
Getting numb, I just don’t wanna feel

(I’m sinking deeper in myself)
- Winter Within -

Winter comes and the storm within
My awareness is running thin
All in all, this is all that it is!

(I can’t believe there’s nothing more)

The unbroken twigs will grow
New buds underneath the snow
Just gonna have to thaw away

The wind will come back again
As strong as it was back then
This time I’ll be holding on for life
This time I’ll be holding on to life


Blame It All On Me

I heard you’re contemplating all your other options
That you cut your soul in pieces and offered up for adoptions
I heard you’re way, way down.
That you’re torn and you are weak
Well maybe I’m the one you seek

I’d like to offer you an exit and a choice
A ledge, a gun, a rope… now listen to my voice
Cause it gets easier the further we proceed
Ooh yeas, I’m the one you need

Take my hand no, let us dance to your desire
Let us smile and let us laugh our pain away

I’d like to show you a world that’s rid of you
I’d like to take you there and the steps they are but few
I wanna make you feel so broken and obsolete
Now come and bow down at my feet

Take my hand now, we can set it all on fire
And when it’s over, you can blame it all on me

Don’t think there’s anything that can change my mind now
And I close my eyes
Don’t think there’s anyone who can talk me down now
And I close my eyes


Falling, Floating, Sinking

Once again I’m turning
I’m on the edge
No longer hear the sirens call my name
There’s this silence all around, I can feel it
No longer saying something to me
And I try

Once again I’m fallin’, floatin’, slowly sinkin’
Slowly suffocates the fire in me
I’m the surface. I’m still breathin'
Will it save me from the edge? The end?
And I try


Fleeting Thought

First gaze of the sunrise
Breaks my window, breaks my room
Hours staring in the shadows
All alone I am the gloom

I can’t move
I can barely breathe
Just lying here reflecting
What stories I’ll bequeath.

Nights pass away in a fleeting thought
Days pass away in a fleeting thought
I pass away in a fleeting thought
My life, pass away in a fleeting thought

I pull the sheets high over my head
I hate the sunlight and I hate this bed


Fade Away

You’ve got your notebook – the answer to it all
Keep asking questions. Making me so small
You’ve got your leather couch, your blanket and your chair.
You’re talking to me, thinking I am there

And I… I fade away

You were my childhood, knowing me so well
But then you lost me and then I went to hell
And then you found me, said “everything is good”
You said you’d help me, said you understood

But I… I fade away

Voices calling me, asking me to stay
Voices taunting me, pushing me away
I can’t hear anything, echoes of my past
I can’t feel anything, so I draw my last

(Look at me, now when I’m finally free
And I always knew moments were meant to be few
And as I render I’ll be fading, fading)

And I… I fade away

I left a silhouette. A void, however small
I left with nothing but pity for you all
You’ll keep on asking me, though I am not around
You’ll keep on searching but I can not be found

For I… I fade away



If you wanna leave me
Don’t let me know

If you wanna hurt me
Don’t let it show

If you wanna watch me run in circles
Getting high in disbelief

To get me screaming
Don’t say you heard

To get me quiet
Don’t say a word

To get me running in circles
Getting high on disbelief


Lean On Me

You always were the strong one
Crawled up from the deep
Nothing was for granted
Nothing was to keep

Always so content with everything you had
Always wore your brave face
Never saw you sad

Lean on me
You know you can lean on me

You always were the brave one
A stare down with your fear
Whenever there was crying
You were always there

So to me you are a hero
And as scary it may be
When you’re feeling weak remember

You can always lean on me


Let Me Be A Ghost pt. II



Still Enough

The only reason I’m alive
The only reason that I’m breathin’
The only thought that kept me movin’ on was You
…and that you’re still believing

The only reason I survived
The only reason I’m still dreamin’
The only thought that made me walk away was You
… the one I’d leave behind
The only thought that made me put it off was You
… the grief I’d put you through

The only reason I’m still here
The only reason I’m still copin’
The only reason I can cry
The only reason I’m still hopin’
The only reason I can open up is You
For you I’m still enough


Where I Ought To Be

Following the setting sun

The night time’s got my back
Standing where I ought to be
Where I don’t have to fight anymore

And I don’t have to fake anymore
I’m me

Following the morning star
The dawn will hold my hand
Standing where I ought to be
Cause I don’t want to fight anymore
And I don’t want to fake anymore

I’m me


Let Me Be A Ghost pt. III

Let me be a ghost, so small and frail

Let me find the peace beyond the veil
Let me be a ghost to roam and soar
Let me be a ghost for evermore

Let me be a ghost and make it clear
To the other ghosts that I am here
Let me wake them up every now and then
So let me be a ghost once again


Look At Me Now

Look at me now
I’m a viral disappointment to mankind
Disgraced the human race, for I was blind
I let you down

So look at me now
A broken shadow dwelling in the deep
I kneel before this hill that is too steep
I let you down

And as I’m scattered on the ground
Defeated and decrowned
I know… there’s no grace left for me to be found