The Rain

Kristoffer Gildenlöw - The Rain

After the Rain pt. II

Here I am again
... a broken man after the rain
All these memories dripping down on me
... a broken mind after the rain
And I feel again...

Soon the clouds will shatter
Sundried empathy
But when it’s clear it hurts the most
Then it dawns on me what I’m losing to the rain

Holding on pt. I

And when you call my name, I feel like I’m within you once again
I want to save this love for you
And when I close my eyes, I see our tarnished memories come to life
Oh, how we linger in our past

But when I turn around I look at you from a thousand miles away
And then I know I have to run

Holding on
Far away
Where the shivers turn to shakes
I belong again
Far away

And as I’m standing here, the echoes of your voice will fade away
Like drops of water to the rain
No matter where I am, you always seem to be too far away
And here I stand with empty hands

But when the time has come, at last,
I hope that you will find me once again
And let me fade out in your arms

Seeking the Sun pt. I

Do you remember me, yesterday?
Do you remember my name?
Strolling through gardens and underplay
that every day is the same

Seeking the sun, through bits and pieces of my past
Seeking the sun, the rain will come for me at last


Today, we give it all away
Today, my friend, is here to stay (rain)

Weep her till the morning when as the reaper and the mourning make you… (rain)

Every dream I have remains the same
Falling to the rhythm of the rain

Rain is falling and the thunder’s calling
Now the sky is singing, every drop is stinging
She’s my greatest lover but I’m seeking cover…
… cover from the rain

Seeking the Sun pt. II (Petrichor)


Hold my hand, my only reason why
Away they are, away they are

Today, I saw the demons from my past
A worthy end?

Worthy I am and worthy they were

Hold my hand, my only reason why
Today they were, today they were
I found the angels on my path
A worthy end?

Worthy I am and worthy they are
Worthy I am and worthy they are

Holding on pt. II

Holding On

See It All

I want to see your face
I want to see your fading grace
I want to see it all before it’s too late

I want to feel your breath
I want to feel your hands caress
I want to feel it all before it’s gone

Beggars and heathens all walk the Earth
I need to believe that it is greater

Come with me
Walk With Me

Getting Closer
Reaching Out
Knowing I can’t have it allI
feel it
Chasing shadows
catching but glimpses
Soon it will be revealed to me
I’ll see it all

Peripheral Memory


Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe in, breathe out
The air that fills you slows your heart

Breathe in, breathe out
The pain inside you falls asleep

Breathe in, breathe out my friend
Let the echoes of their voices fade away

Breathe in, breathe out
Them eyes that’ve seen so much will get their rest

Breathe in, breathe out again
The sounds that you hear when you’re coming back again

Breathe in, breathe out

In the Evening

And then in the evening, she came around
Oh, what just happened to me?
World’s greatest wonder, right there in my arms
Oh, what just happened to me?

And I feel you, so full of life
May I help you? Hold your hand?
What can I do for you?
And I will always be there for you!

And then she opened her big blue eyes
I just couldn’t believe
Childishly grasping, reaching my hand
I just couldn’t believe

Through happy prattles, laughing my name
How could I ever understand?
And then she told me, all that she felt
How could I ever understand? 

Soon she’ll be flying, flying away
And my soul’s getting old
Creating circles, I take a step
And my soul’s getting old

And when she asks me: what happened to life?
How can I ever explain?
About my promise, to always be here…
How can I ever explain?

Cause when the skies come down and when the oceans drown
I won’t be here
And no matter what God says, no matter Satan’s pray
cause she will always be… my little girl

It was Me

It was Me
who stood there so proud and tall
Who took all their stares, their whispers and glares
As they tried to keep me small
It was me

Would you come stand beside me, whether I’m right or wrong?
I really don’t feel too strong
And everything seems to hurt me and nothing in life is fair
And no one really seems to care

It was me
who selflessly turned the page
Who gave them the names and collected the blames
and rattled the monkeys cage
It was me

It was me
who knocked on his secret door
Revealing his face and his long dying grace
and showed them that there was more
It was me

I only opened up their eyes to let them see,
to make up their own minds based on the pieces that they’d find
Now they look for someone to blame, to shoulder guilt, to shoulder shame
while you are hiding in the crowd.
I hope it really makes you proud

It was me
who foolishly lingered on
And with all my might, continued the fight
long after all hope was gone
It was me


Rain... Rain...
Rain... my droplets
Rain... on me
Chain... my droplets
Chain... me free

As I travel lonesome valleys
Always by my side, my rain...

Break these heavy chains I wear
Crush these pressing weights I bear
Let me wander
Let me seek
Let me be alive… again

Why won’t you release me
won’t you unchain me
won’t you let go?

Surrender my drizzle

Let me wander
Let me free, damn it
Let me feel alive


Every time I look inside my heart I hear the silence of my thoughts
And yet the storm is raging constantly
I reach for her

And waiting for the rain to fall, a stream that flows inside of me
Filling up the well where I can drown this burning fire
And I hope that she can hear my voice
It’s screaming from within my soul and…

I can feel that she is all around and I
I can feel my feet stuck in the ground and I
I can feel that she’s looking at me and I
I can feel what she wants me to see and I
I can feel that she’s talking to me and I
I can feel what she wants me to be and

She nurses me
She comforts me
She sees me
She heals me

All for you

Here rests a restless mind
Now go on and forget me, like I have

Here for you
All my emptiness
All my loneliness
All for you
All for you

The Funeral pt. I

I love you
I wish you’d heard it more
I’ll pray for you
Though I have never prayed before

Now I walk alone
Without you, just scares me to the bone

We’ll meet again
All will be better then

The Funeral pt. II