Jabba Classic - Custom
Built in 2018

Mayones Jabba Classic Custom 4-stringed
Year: 2018
Bird eye Poplar top, Dirty Red finish, 
Mayones M-BP2 preamp, active/passive switch, passive tone
Aguilar AG xJ-70 Alnico V balanced pick-ups

The Comodous Twins
Mayones built these two beauties for me in 2005 and they've been my main bass guitars ever since.

Mayones Comodous Custom 6-stringed
Bird eye Poplar top, natural finish, Ebony Fretboard
Aguilar OBP-3 preamp, Bartolini splitable humbuckersShaller 2000 Piezo Bridge.
The Fretted bass has 24 custom abalone inlays (cat paws)

The BE Twins
Mayones Built these tow beauties for me in 2007.
* The shape of the BE bass has since been changed

Mayones BE Custom 4-stringed
Neck through construction
Passive (volume, balance, tone)
Delano J/P pickups


Mayones Legend 6 Custom
Year: 2013
Singel coil pick-ups + bridge piezo
Red burst on flamed maple
Custom inlay

Mayones Setius Vin 6
Year: 2007
Individually splitable Seymour Duncan humbuckers
Blueburst transperent on flamed maple

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